Nature and Educational Trails

Slate Heritage Educational Trail

Before taking the educational trail, we recommend first visiting the exhibition entitled Imaginarium of Slate, housed in the building of the Bílá Holubice Leisure Centre.



Naučná stezka Dědictví břidlice



The total length of the trail is roughly 7 km. It starts and finishes inside the area of the Bílá Holubice Leisure Centre. Along the trail are 15 stops, with a total of 21 information boards and 3 rest points. Information is presented in Czech and Polish.

The educational trail leads along forest and field tracks, occasionally along a road. It is suitable for families with children. Only in one short section does it cut across a meadow. In the terrain around the Nittmann Mine are two places where the path drops steeply. These can be safely circumnavigated, however. In two sections the trail leads along the same road in both directions.

Guiding you along the trail are a series of peg–signposts. Besides having arrows to point you in the right direction, they also show the number of the next stop. To help you navigate your way, on each information board is a small map highlighting the place where you are currently standing. Thanks to the layout of the route, you can adapt it to experience the trail in any order you wish.



Nýtek Nature Trail

The foot trail starts and finishes in the settlement of Nýtek. The trail is administered by the organisation LČR, s. p., LS Vítkov.


Naučná stezka Nýtek

Just 2.4 km long, the primary focus of the trail is natural history. It is not difficult to walk, but the surface underfoot is not hardened. The trail is not marked. In the winter when the ground is covered in snow the trail is not accessible. As part of the trail, you can also take a look at a former stone quarry.


School’s Educational Trail

The School’s Educational Trail was set up in 2012 by Vítkov Komenský Street Elementary School.

Školní naučná stezka


The trail is 7 km long and has 8 stops. 


Slate Trail

This is a publically accessible outdoor exhibition. It measures approximately 50 km in length and is divided into 5 mutually interlinked trails and circuits, marked by the letters A–E. These trails link up with other educational trails and tourist destinations in the Landscape of Slate. Its primary interest is the extraction of slate, and to this end it weaves a path through many beautiful localities in which slate was formerly mined and quarried. The trail is designed for both walkers and cyclists.


Břidlicová stezka

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