Mobile tourism guide

Our Mobile Tourist Guide enables smart phone users and owners of tablets with Android, Windows Phone and iOS operating systems to display tourist maps, giving current positions and showing tourist attractions in the form of points of interest. It offers information about tourist attractions in text, picture and especially in voice form, in a variety of languages.

Mobilní průvodce   Mobilní průvodce   Mobilní průvodce   Mobilní průvodce

You can download the latest information into the tourist guide in advance from the internet. The application then functions independently, even in places without a GSM signal or data services.

The application can serve as a vocal guide, taking you through the town and surrounding district. As you get closer to a particular attraction, it will show it and read out detailed information about the given landmark (tourist attraction). Information is not recorded in MP3 format, the app uses an artificial speech synthesiser that “reads” the text.

The app can also show you an up-to-date overview of cultural events in the immediate locality.


Main benefits

  • High-quality tourist map

  • Off-line regime (app functions even in terrain not covered by any mobile operator’s signal)

  • Vocal guide (MP3/speech synthesiser)

  • Multilingual versions

  • Up-dating of tourist destinations (POIs) from the municipal website 

  • Displays current cultural events within the immediate locality


How to get the Mobile Tourist Guide app

The app is designed for all types of smart phones using the Android operating system. The Mobile Tourist Guide app is free!

Just search for the app on your device using Google Play with the keywords “Galileo Mobile Guide”, and then follow the instructions on your device.

If you visit the official Google Play site it is even easier. You can install the app online direct to your mobile device -

Now the application is also available for mobile devices using Windows Phone and iOS.

Windows Phone:


Be careful when installing data: thanks to the volume of data involved, we recommend connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi!

The given data files do not need to be downloaded and installed manually. The app contains an automated data administrator that will simply install data or updates on your behalf. Once the app has been installed on your mobile, you can download the latest maps and data through the menu Settings – Data Administrator. Using the data administrator is much more user friendly. For connecting your mobile to the internet, we recommend using Wi-Fi.