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Wooden cross and a stone cross near the village of Klokočov

A wooden cross and a stone cross are to be found near the village of Klokočov, about 3.5 km south from Vítkov. The first mention of Klokočov in the historical records comes in 1377. Since 1953 this village has been closely associated with horse breeding. The Silesian Norik breed is the product of horse-breeding in the Silesian region and is first mentioned at the end of the last century, at that time under the name Silesian Furrow Horse. This breed is currently being produced in Klokočov at Františkův Dvůr.

Dřevěný kříž   Dřevěný kříž

GPS: 49°44'19.831"N, 17°44'10.637"E

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Stone cross in the village of Prostřední dvůr

The earliest record of this stone cross dates to 1806. It stands in the centre of the village of Prostřední dvůr, located about 2.5 km east of Vítkov.

Kamenný kříž v obci Prostřední dvůr

GPS: 49°47'6.681"N, 17°47'18.175"E

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Stone cross in the village of Veselka

This stone cross, carved from Silesian marble, is conceived in a manner typical for the beginning of the 20th century. The Veselka manor farm was bought by Vítkov burghers in 1801 and was merged with Vítkov in 1919.

Kamenný kříž v obci Veselka

GPS: 49°47'42.463"N, 17°47'52.820"E

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Pilot memorial behind Vítkov

This little monument stands upon the site of a fatal airplane accident. On 24 August 1928, pilot Čeněk Kulásek died during a test flight in thick fog and strong winds.

Pomník pilota za Vítkovem

GPS: 49°46'17.348"N, 17°46'45.267"E

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Ruins of Vikštejn Castle

The castle was erected in the second half of the 13th century by Vítek of Kravaře, although the first written records about the structure date to 1377. The castle belonged to the Opava princes from the end of the 14th century, and in 1447 it became the property of knights from Moravice, before later still being acquired by the Bírkovs of Násile. In 1474 the castle was captured by Matthias Corvinus and demolished. Later, the castle came into possession of the Planknars of Kynšperk and around 1530 they set about its restoration. From the close of the 16th century through to 1708, the castle belonged to the Oderský family from Lidéřov. During the Thirty Years’ War it was damaged during raids by the Danes and Swedes, and in 1648 it was blown up by the Imperial troops. Partial repairs were undertaken in the second half of the 17th century. After 1708, when the castle passed into the hands of the Reichs, it was used for purely agricultural and commercial purposes. Following construction of the palace at Horní Vikštějn (Dubová), the site was permanently abandoned in 1776.

Zřícenina hradu Vikštejn   Zřícenina hradu Vikštejn

GPS: 49°48'16.892"N, 17°46'24.333"E

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St. Joseph’s Chapel in Prostřední Dvůr

St. Joseph’s Chapel is situated in the very centre of the village, wedged between existing homes. Although a small, single-nave structure, the saddle roof with its tower is visible for miles around. The chapel was built in July 1888 and consecrated on 13 October of the same year.

Kaple sv. Josefa v Prostředním Dvoře   Kaple sv. Josefa v Prostředním Dvoře

GPS: 49°47'7.891"N, 17°47'18.909"E

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Chapel in Nové Těchanovice

The chapel was probably built in the latter half of the 19th century. It originally served a function during the processions of Corpus Christi, as did three other chapels in the village. Together with St. Nicholas’s Church, it is an important monument documenting rural religious architecture. Renovation work was completed in May 2012.

Kaplička v Nových Těchanovicích   Kaplička v Nových Těchanovicích

GPS: 49°48'25.678"N, 17°42'53.872"E

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Stone cross in the settlement of Nýtek

This 1922 cross, made from Silesian marble and set on a sandstone plinth, stands before the entrance to the former manorial farm. The Nýtek manorial farm was as bought by Vítkov burghers in 1801 and was merged with Vítkov in 1919.

Kamenný kříž v osadě Nýtek

GPS: 49°48'0.650"N, 17°46'55.503"E

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Statue of St. John of Nepomuk

The statue is situated in Klokočov in front of St. John of Nepomuk’s Church, erected in 1807.

Socha sv. Ondřeje   Socha sv. Ondřeje

GPS: 49°44'51.554"N, 17°44'28.095"E

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Wooden cross near the village of Klokočov

The cross stands at a crossroads on the old track between Klokočov and Čermná.

Dřevěný kříž u Klokočova

GPS: 49°45'41.187"N, 17°43'18.205"E

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Cross in the pasture

The site of an earlier chapel that once in the midst of pasture. Today a stone cross is erected upon the site.

Křížek na pastvinách   Křížek na pastvinách

GPS: 49°44'32.461"N, 17°44'16.469"E

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