Cultural monuments

St. Andrew’s Church in the village of Klokočov

In the distant past, Klokočov belonged to the Vítkov parish, though in 1640 it was allocated to Radkov. In 1784 a curacy was established in Klokočov, which in 1858 was elevated to become a separate parish. In 1807 a stone church was raised in the village and dedicated to the apostle St. Andrew. The church is built in the precinct of the cemetery, in the centre of the village and is well maintained by the local parishioners.

Kostel sv. Ondřeje v obci Klokočov   Kostel sv. Ondřeje v obci Klokočov

GPS: 49°44'51.217"N, 17°44'29.563"E

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Water treatment plant with sculptural relief

The water treatment plant was built in the Podhradí part of Vítkov. It is an example of industrial technical architecture from the years 1954–1962, created by the architect Kainar.

Úpravna vody s reliéfem   Úpravna vody s reliéfem

On the building’s facade is located the last monumental work of National Artist Vincenc Makovský, created between 1961–1964, and which belongs to a cycle of works entitled “Water in our life”.

GPS: 49°48'17.428"N, 17°45'50.673"E

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Feast of the Cross Chapel in the village of Lhotka

Feast of the Cross Chapel, erected 1782.

Kaple Povýšení sv. Kříže v obci Lhotka   Kaple Povýšení sv. Kříže v obci Lhotka

GPS: 49°48'11.756"N, 17°44'4.766"E

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Chapel in the village of Zálužné

The chapel was erected in 1843 and is consecrated to the Infant Jesus of Prague. The chapel has a saddle-shaped roof covered in slate tiles. Astride the ridge sits a small onion dome with a lantern. Inside you will find large slate flagstones set into a bed of sand. The chapel is a cultural monument.

Kaplička v obci Zálužné   Kaplička v obci Zálužné

GPS: 49°49'25.977"N, 17°42'45.838"E

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