Sports facilities in the town



Rudolf Matocha             

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Municipal Swimming Pool

The municipal swimming pool is open for rest and relaxation mainly in the summer months. It is situated near the municipal park in a beautiful and quiet area of the town. You can buy refreshments inside the enclosed area and also engage in a range of other sports (e.g. beach volleyball).


Technické služby Vítkov

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Here we offer:

Manual lymphatic drainage

  • Excellent preventive treatment against varicose veins
  • Metabolising subcutaneous fat/cellulite
  • Improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, slows the aging process, and prevents wrinkles
  • Vacupress lymphatic drainage – massages the entire body using vacuum flasks, followed by a cinnamon body wrap
  • Lymphatic drainage with the Ballancer 505 – so-called “lymphatic trousers”



Vacu Power – an effective form of slimming because walking under pressure ensures maximum perfusion and thereby carries fat to the muscles – the only place fat can be burnt.

Fit Vibe® + vibrating barbells – a vibrating platform caused by mechanical vibrations which are then transferred throughout the body and automatically activate muscle fibres – so-called reflexive muscular contractions. To compare: 1 minute of vibration corresponds to 100 squats, while a 10 minute lesson on the fitvibe® is just as effective as a complete fitness training workout.

Concept2 Indoor Rower – this rowing trainer effectively stimulates the lower back muscles, as well as muscles in the arms, legs and buttocks, and stomach muscles; in other words, it offers extremely effective all-over body training.

Hill treadmill – motor-less mechanical treadmill, effective cardio-exercise, burns fat when walking and simultaneously strengthens leg and buttock muscles.

Spinning® – sessions for beginners, advanced spinners and special sessions aimed at the targeted burning of fat; possible private tuition, as preferred.


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Ladislava Sobolová



Sports area at the Vítkov Leisure Centre

Vítkov Leisure centre

Středisko volného času Vítkov

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Sports area at the Vítkov elementary and grammar schools


  • Small sports hall

  • Large sports hall

  • Climbing wall

  • Fitness centre

  • Pitch with artificial surface

  • Gymnastics hall


Základní škola a gymnázium Vítkov

Tel.: +420 556 300 779, 732 833 788





Sports area

1) Gym

  • Table tennis clubhouse

  • Spinning clubhouse

  • Fitness centre

  • Boardgame clubhouse

  • Aerobics, BOSU, step aerobics etc. clubhouse

  • Tennis clubhouse

  • Cloakroom for all-weather artificial pitch

  • Trainers’ clubhouse

  • 50-seat tribune

Sportovní areál


2) Outdoor tribune and grass pitch

  • Football clubhouse for children’s and adult teams

  • Trainers’ clubhouse

  • Restaurant facilities with outdoor seating

  • 500-seat tribune


3) All-weather artificial pitch


Sportovní areál


4) Skate park


Skate park


Středisko volného času Vítkov

Tel.: +420 556 300 362 , +420 732 607 373




Tennis courts

Jan Špok

Tel.: + 420 736 285 914



Františkův dvůr – Klokočov


The Františkův dvůr organic farm complex offers visitors the chance to hire mountain bikes, as well as enjoy their 2 artificial tennis courts, beach volleyball court, children’s playground, the opportunity to enjoy some angling on their two ponds (rods and tackle available for hire), riding school and horse riding trips – either in a stylish American stagecoach or in beautiful sleighs with your own driver.